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Wuzhou New Found Instrument Co.,Ltd. . is a comprehensive import and export enterprise, which was established in 1992. Over the years, our company got long -standing and good reputation for quality products and efficient service. Especially, we specialize in producing all kinds of microscopes with rich techniques, advanced technological process. Our main products include: 1) biological microscopes 2)stereo microscope 3)metallurgical microscope 4)fluorescence microscope 5)inverted microscope 6)video microscope Of course, OEM is welcome. To be your good assistant is our aim. We would like to establish business relationships with the firms all over the world, and we believe that we will achieve a win-win situation by mutual efforts.
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Orthopedics Plastic Surgical MicroscopeL

XSB-1A Inverted Microscope

PH100 series laboratory biological microscope


XDP-1 Wide-field Microscope

GEM Microscope GL-99M


BK-FL Fluorescent Microscope

XDS-2A Inverted Microscope

MDS Series Metallurgical Microscope


XDS-2B Inverted Microscope


XDS-1A Inverted Microscope

Metallurgical Microscope (XJZ)

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